Welcome to Integrative Care Ohio

Welcome to Integrative Care Ohio

Welcome to Integrative Care OhioWelcome to Integrative Care OhioWelcome to Integrative Care Ohio

How It Began 

A Personal and Professional Journey

What can I learn from this website?


Integrative Care Ohio was established as an extension of George O. Schulz, Ph.D. Inc. and established as a separate trademark under the ownership of George O. Schulz, Ph.D. Inc.  It was established as a separate website apart from my professional practice website as a Clinical Psychologist. In my own life over the years I personally began to experience the benefits of adapting natural and alternative approaches toward wellness after researching it myself and experimenting with it in my own life.  It has been a pivotal change in my own life.  As a result of this I began to look for ways to incorporate what I was learning and to share with others recognizing that what I was learning had ramifications not only for health and wellness mentally but also one's physical health and wellness.  My new understanding and learning went beyond a clinical practice in psychology  and I knew I needed to share information and the services available from others beyond and outside of my professional  of psychology.  Hence this website was created some years ago.

In my work as a psychologist the topic of integrative healthcare approaches often came up.  As a psychologist I am trained to address issues pertaining to the mind, mental health, and relationships with others as couples and families. In my own practice as a Psychologist I also integrate spirituality.   Clergy and Spiritual Directors/Coaches are trained to address issues pertaining to the spirit or soul.  Physicians are trained to work with our physical conditions.  Realistically, our health in one area impacts our health in the other areas.  Mind, body, soul, and spirit are One and in consideration of an overall health and wellness process each are important to address.  

While practicing as a psychologist, I cannot perform the professional services of a primary care physician, nutritionist, or other separate licensed profession but I can make people aware of other resources that are available to address these areas.  I cannot tell you what diet to use, can't prescribe vitamins, herbs, supplements, or homeopathic remedies; however, I can share with you publicly available articles, websites, and share  educational information about these topics.  I can tell you about a local health food store that you can go to, research yourself, and then you can make an informed decision of something that you might purchase from that store or website that you would want to try out  yourself and/or purchase items from if you are interested.  I also might mention to you other alternative and natural healthcare providers that you could explore seeking out their services.  It is all about information and you deciding for yourself what you want to do.  

There is a vast amount of information out there and my goal is to provide for you a starting point to explore  your own personal journey toward wellness.  What works for one person may not work for another.  I will update and add resources to this website.  This website began in approximately 2008 and will continue to grow and expand as I find new information to incorporate.  I have also set up a blog from this website to begin using to share information and my next goal is to be able to share downloads, videos, and E-books on a variety of topics related to natural and alternative approaches toward healthcare.   

It is my prayer, hope, and intent that you will receive useful information that will  positively influence your own journey to greater health and wellness.

George O. Schulz, Ph.D.

The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended as a diagnosis or treatment recommendation for disease.  If you have any serious ailment or illness, I encourage you to consult a competent healthcare professional before beginning any course of treatment.

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