Inner Balance - Bluetooth Sensor


Available for iPhone/iPad or Android

The Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor and software is a self help biofeedback device that measures HRV (heart rate variability) to aid in calming, relaxation, and promoting a more positive physiological state through changing breathing patterns and refocusing of thoughts to a more positive mindset.  The Bluetooth sensor can be used either on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  The software used with this sensor is called "Inner Balance" and can be found for your specific device as a free download App through the App Store or the App Store equivalent for Android.  It is a personal biofeedback device that you can use to train and monitor your own physiological responses conducive to reduce negative emotional states.   <a href=""><IMG border=0 src="" ></a><IMG 

Inner Balance Lightning Sensor


Wired Sensor for iPhone / iPad Only

Has the same functions as the Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for use with the Inner Balance software (the software is downloaded for free from your App store to your mobile device).  You only have to purchase the sensor.  Some people prefer the wired sensor  as compared to the Bluetooth sensor - it is just your own preference - again both types of sensors have the same function.  

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Hand held device that also connects to your computer

This is an alternative device to the inner balance sensor that is attached to your iPhone/iPad or Android device.  The emWave2 can act as a stand alone handheld device or from your desktop/laptop computer.  Each device has its own features.  The emWave2 has games that you can use on your computer as part of training exercises. Results from training sessions using the handheld emWave2 device can also be synched to view on your desktop/laptop computer afterwards.  

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