Nature's Sunshine - Silver Shield (Colloidal Silver)

Broad Spectrum Immune Support


  • Colloidal Silver was used prior to the development of antibiotics to provide the body support to defend against bacterial infections. Hippocrates thousands of years ago first described the beneficial health effects of using silver. We now know that Colloidal Silver provides broad spectrum immune system support. One of the dangers associated with the current use of antibiotics is that over time the use of them results in bacterial strains that become resistant to the antibiotic and then researchers must develop new and stronger antibiotics. Public health authorities have expressed a concern about drug resistant superbugs that today’s current antibiotics seem to be decreasing in their effectiveness.  However, many studies have shown that silver kills those antibiotic-resistant microbes. So, while pharmaceutical companies are having to look at the development of stronger and stronger antibiotics, perhaps they need to revisit colloidal silver products? However, the dilemma is that pharmaceutical companies would prefer to make stronger and stronger antibiotics which they can then patent and sell back to the public at a higher price to replace the old antibiotics.  Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in looking at developing colloidal silver products because they can patent a drug but cannot patent colloidal silver.  Go to the following link to order:   Upon check out  if it is not already showing please check "I was referred by a member" and put the sponsor number in of 279000.