Exploring resources for holistic integrative healthcare

If a URL link does not load properly when you click on it you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser.  I most recently checked the links on 1/22/2020.  I will check occassionallly to make sure that a particular link to a website  or organization is still in existence and update as necessary.  

Brian Neill, Licensed Acupuncturist, 740-602-3167.  He moved from our office in July 2019 to a larger office space to expand his focus and direction as a practice.   I highly recommend him.  He is now located at 7720 Rivers Edge Dr., Suite 123, Columbus, Ohio.  He is an experienced Acupuncturist and the author of the book - The Benevolent Art of Acupuncture. 

Find sources of Spring Water at - (  If you are interested in finding sources of Spring Water go to this website.  They list sources of Spring Water both in the United States and throughout the world.  I and my wife have personally used Spring water for the past 5+ years.  Research on the internet the pros and cons of using Natural Spring water.  After having used Spring Water, I personally would not go back to using either tap or filtered water.  If we  travel and we do not have access to Spring Water we try only to buy water that is labeled as Artesian Spring Water (companies such as Fuji and others). 

Beyond Meds -   An excellent source for stories and experiences of people who have used medications and then because of negative experiences using medications sought out other alternatives.  The blog/ website has a wealth of information and sub-links that you are likely to find useful if you are looking at other altenernatives to medication and it will be an excellent place to begin. 

Online Support Communities - provides support for people struggling with PTSD. provide a whole variety of online networks to people connect in peer to peer support for a variety of issues. provides peer support for smoking cessation.

 The following 6 links are aggregate information/reference sites related to useful information regarding natural and alternative approaches toward wellness

Click on a particular supplement or use the custom search option to find what you are looking for

Lists specific nutrients and articles suggesting their association with a variety of conditions.

Click on a specific food or a particular condition to research foods that are listed in the literature as possible foods related to improving wellness.

Lists specific herbs and their association with natural approaches toward promoting improved health.

An excellent website to do research on a variety of topics related to natural approaches toward wellness. It is like an online encyclopedia.

A free download sharing information regarding food without the influence from the marketing and/or corruption of various food industries. 


Beat Depression News Website -  This link is a another resource that you can explore if you are interested in studies related to natural and alternative approaches toward managing depression beyond the use of medication.  They continue to update and add articles on this topic.

Life Extension Foundation - An excellent resource for nutrition, health, and wellness, as well as a provider of scientific information on anti-aging supplements and therapies.

Natural News - - An excellent source sharing information and research on various vitamins and supplements and their suggested benefits as well as on general topics related to natural and alternative approaches toward health and well-being. I have this bookmarked on my favorite sites that I go to regularly and very frequently link to one of their articles in my own blog. 


Truehope - 888.878.3467 A program in Canada.  They offer micronutrients.  They present case histories and references to journal articles from medical, psychiatric, and psychological research on the use of micronutrients for improving neurocognitive functioning and mood regulation.  The research presented supports the use of micronutrients as an appropriate alternative and complementary approach for depression, anxiety, ADHD & bipolar disorder.  Truehope also offers an online biweekly newsletter.

Liberty Health Share - - 855.585.4237 - An alternative to expensive healthcare.  This is a Christian based non-profit organization that coordinates contributions for the sharing of qualifying health care costs between members.  This is an excellent example as a Christian Community coming together to truly support one another.  This is not an insurance company nor is it offered through an insurance company.  However, it does offer an opportunity as Christians to share in one another's healthcare expenses.  Check out the description of their program thoroughly and what they offer or do not offer.  I am personally convinced that this is a viable alternative to health insurance.  Go to their website and look at their program and if it is right or not right for you.  

Rxisk - making medicines safer for all of us - - An in depth website that lists the current benefits and side effects of prescription drugs.  You can enter in the name of a specific drug and be provided a report that you can take to your doctor or pharmacist to address concerns of the side effects of using or not using a specific prescription drug.  It also provides a way to report a side effect associated with a drug that you believe you are currently experiencing.  Your report, in coordination with others personal experiences with that drug, will be used to further research of potential side effects.  This is an independent organization is interested in keeping track of potential side effects and does not have any conflict of interest with the profit motive of pharmaceutical companies who may suppress information regarding potential side effects of their products.

Controversy over Dangers Associated with Vaccines and Flu Shots - - This represents another view on potential side effects associated with flu-shots and vaccines and the dangers associated with this.  

Institute of Heart Math - -  They offer self help methods and resources to reduce stress and promote positive self-regulation of emotions.  They have developed a relatively inexpensive electronic device based on emWave technology that they state measures heart-rhythm coherence.  Through their research center, established in 1991, they have contributed solid research pertaining to reducing stress and discuss the relationship between maintaining positive emotional states and individual well-being and more positive relationships with others.

Alternatives for Healing Website - - A directory for holistic practitioners, alternative medicine doctors, natural healing remedies, and health and wellness resources. 

American College for Advancement in Medicine - - This is an excellent link for finding physicians who practice integrative health care.  Go to the web page and put in your zip code and it will bring up a list of member practitioners in your area. 

Dr. Mercola - - Offers a variety of vitamins & supplements & other products.  He has a newsletter that discusses a variety of health related topics. He addresses issues related to physical health and emotional health and also has educational materials teaching EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). 

Ty Bolinger videos on "The Truth about Cancer" - http:/ - We first saw these videos about 2 years ago when they were first published over the internet.  You can view excerpts from these videos on You Tube.  By going to the above link you can also obtain information regarding obtaining these videos and can also order the book under the same title.  If you can access the complete videos the total program is about 8-9 hours in length.  It is an excellent video series and provides good resources discussing alternative approaches toward dealing with cancer.  The purpose of these videos is to be educational.  No advice regarding treatment is implied by sharing about these videos.  You are encouraged to seek consultation under an appropriately licensed healthcare practitioner licensed in your State to practice.  If you are looking for physicians who practice alternative and complementary forms of treatment you can find physicians or healthcare practitioners who provide alternative healthcare forms of treatment.  The above previously mentioned reference of the American College for Advancement in Medicine is a good place to begin.  You can also search on the internet for practitioners closest to your geographic location who practice alternative and complementary approaches toward medical care.

Outsmart your Cancer - Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work - Tanya Harter Pierce, Thoughtworks Publishing, Stateline, Nevada, 2004 ISBN 0-9728867-3-7.  Discusses research literature on various Alternative Non-Toxic treatments for cancer that does not use chemotherapy.  Gives an overview of the success and failure rates of conventional cancer treatments and shares about a variety of alternative treatments that are non-toxic.  She suggests that successful alternative treatments for cancer do exist outside of conventional medicine.  Included among other types of treatment discussed in the book are methods such as: The Hoxsey Therapy method, The Gerson Method, Protocel, the Rife Machine, and Cesium Therapy.  Her book also give a number of other references and resources that individuals can further explore in evaluating conventional methods toward treating cancer vs. choosing an alternative treatment plan.  

Vibrational Medicine 3rd Edition - book by Richard Gerber, MD.  Published by Bear & Company Rochester, Vermont, 2001, Can be ordered through your local Barnes & Nobels or similar bookstore - ISBN 1-879181-58-4.  A well recognized book in the area of Energy Medicine literature.  Written in a scholarly yet readable manner.  A good resource for those just learning about Energy Medicine or those individuals already familiar with the topic looking for a good reference manual.  Discusses the distinction between an Einstenian view vs a Newtonian view of medicine.  Includes a historical discussion of the development of medicine.  Explores subtle energy, ancient approaches toward healing, acupuncture, chakras, meridian based approaches toward treatment, homeopathic medicine, Bach flower remedies, and spiritual healers. 

Energy Medicine - a book by Donna Eden - A well known author in the area of energy medicine.  This book can be obtained through the listed link through Amazon books.  It can be used as a self-help tool.  She introduces the reader through some exercises through which she suggests you can use your body's energies to boost your vitality and stamina, strengthen your immune system, relieve pain and common complaints such as colds and tension headaches, sharpen your memory and mind, and keep yourself healthy and balanced with a five-minute routine.  

Energy Psychology Interactive - Rapid interventions for Lasting Change - book by David Feinstein, Ph.D. - - An extension of concepts and exercises discussed in Donna Eden's book on Energy Medicine with an emphasis on how Energy Medicine can be applied to the field of Psychology.  

Is Energy Psychology or Tapping an Effective Technique?  Here is an excellent article summarizing Energy Psychology and the use of tapping.   

Power vs. Force - An Anatomy of Consciousness - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior - a book by David R. Hawkins, M.D. - Draws upon the work of Dr. John Goodhart and Applied Kinesiology and Dr. John Diamond's work on Behavioral Kinesiology and discusses how muscle testing can be used to process underlying intuitive information.  I would recommend that you first read Richard Gerber's book on Vibrational Medicine before reading Dr. Hawkins book.  His concepts will become clearer if you do. 

You can purchase Dr. Hawkin's  book through the following web link - 

Healing - a book by Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. - ISBN 0-87793-676-5 Ave Maria Press, Norte Dame, Indiana - Revised and expanded  edition, 1999.  A classic book in the area of healing from a Christian Perspective.  Dr. MacNutt was a former Roman Catholic Priest.  The former Father MacNutt was a well known individual among those who were involved in the Catholic Charasmatic movement in the 1970's and early 1980's.  He has written an excellent book from a Biblical/Christian Perspective discussing various topics of healing.  He explores the topics of Physical Healing and Inner Healing. 

Body Mind Spirit Directory Columbus Ohio - A listing of a broad diversity of holistic care resources and providers across a broad spectrum of intervention approaches and philosophical/spiritual belief systems. 

Disease Prevention and Treatment - Expanded 4th Edition, Scientific Protocols that Integrate Mainstream and Alternative Medicine, Book - ISBN 0-9658777-5-2 (Can be purchased through the Life Extension Foundation web site listed above). 

International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Association (IADSA) - - An international association focusing on food supplement regulations.  As an    

organization it promotes to maintain and enhance a scientific basis of the food supplement industry and develop scientific and technical publications promoting a non-biased awareness to regulatory authorities and those public sector organizations involved with establishing the quality of food supplements and natural products. 

ABC Homeopathy - - A good resource site for understanding homeopathic approaches toward healthcare. 

Earth Calm - - Discusses concerns associated with potential health hazards related to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure as a result of cell phones, wireless devices, and electronic devices in general.  They offer a variety of products that they believe provides protection against EMF exposure. 

Miesse's Herbs - - a health food store located in Springfield Ohio.  They offer a variety of herbs and supplements.  Dr. Frank Miesse has been a herbalist educator for the past 35 years and he is one of the pioneers in the health food industry/alternative care industry in Ohio.  They also have taught classes on iridology and muscle testing - contact them for more details.  

New Harbinger Press - - Offers a variety of psychology self help books on a broad range of topics. 

Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety - An in depth CD/audio program originally authored by Lucinda Bassett.  This program has been in existence for over 25 years and is a well known self-help program that has assisted individuals in overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.  

Tools for Wellness - - An extensive line of products promoting prevention and wellness.  They include a whole range of products some of which are questionable in their efficacy or a bit too stretching beyond my own personal spirituality Christian based belief system.  View with discernment.  That said, you just have to choose what you are comfortable with.  They offer a few vitamins and supplements; however, that is only a very small percentage of their products.  Instead, their strength is that they offer a broad variety of physical devices, electronic devices, and educational products.  they also have a catalog that you can have mailed out to you listing their products 1-800-456-9887. 

Exercise - In the research literature on exercise an average of at least 30 minutes a day is commonly recommended.  You have to find a program that works for you and you can be consistent with.  It is commonly recommended that a program should include cardio-vascular, strength training, and stretching.  Before starting any exercise program discuss this with your primary care physician. 

My Net Diary - This is the software app that I am currently using to track my food/water intake, weight maintenance, and exercise.  You can go to the app store from your specific smart phone device and download it.  If you have a number of devices it can be available from any of your devices.  It is quick and easy to use once you learn to use it.  I use it just to keep track of my eating habits and my overall weight and the amount of exercise that I do.  I have found in working with patients who wish to make a behavioral change toward losing weight and/or eating healthier food that in general they are more successful as they have a way to record their activities and their progress.  You can learn more about this app by going to the following link - 

Marilyn's Organic Juicing Recipe - Using a juicer mix together - 8 Carrots, 1 Beet with Stem and Leaves, 1 Broccoli Stem, 1 cup or more of Spinahch Leaves, 4 Romaine Lettuce Leaves, 1 small Cucumber, 1 stalk of Celery with Leaves, 1 Apple including Peel (Fuji), 6 sprigs of Parsley, 1 clove of Garlic (optional but recommended), 1 small piece of Ginger Root.  If the recipe is not consumed over several days you may freeze some of it to preserve the freshness.  You may make several batches at a time pouring it into mason jars.  Then put one jar in the refrigerator and store the rest in the freezer thawing out a jar as needed.  Drink 6 oz of this mixture daily.  If the appetite is small or diarrhea occurs start with smaller amounts and gradually increase the amount as tolerated. 

Healthy Chocolate vs. Unhealthy Chocolate - Some literature suggests that healthier chocolate contains at least 70% pure unsweetened Cacao, contains natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, such as raw cane - rather than refined sugar - rather than refined sugar, it does not contain milk

fats or hydrogenated oils, it has been dried and cool pressed rather than roasted, is non-alkalized, and/or does not use a process called dutching.

Spirituality - This is a very personal decision for each individual.  I am a Christian and  I have found that my faith in Christ has been pivotal in dealing with the ups and downs in life.  I respect other's view on spirituality - I believe that each faith based system has elements of truth.  The journey is personal but one that is essential in order to find true wholeness and healing in life.  Talk to your pastor, priest, rabbi, or other spiritual mentor.  Begin reading books and materials.  Enter into dialogue with others who value spirituality in their life.

The Ragamuffin Gospel - a  book by Brennan Manning, 1990, Multonomah Publishers Inc.  An excellent book for those who feel they are in need of God's grace and forgiveness.  

Service-Assistance Dog Program for Managing Depression/Anxiety - In coordination with Brad Coleman, professional dog trainer at Complete Canine of Columbus, OH and Kim West, DVM we have started a Service Dog/Assistance Dog training program where we will match a rescue dog and use the interaction between the dog and patient to assist in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety.  The patient and dog will be screened for appropriateness for the program before entering into the training program.  For more information regarding the program contact Dr. Schulz at 614 787-4182

The information in this web page is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended as a diagnosis or treatment recommendation for disease.  If you have any serious ailment or illness, we encourage you to consult a competent health care professional before beginning any course of treatment.